Wednesday, October 6, 2010

emma lael word of the day BALLOON...we are teaching her 1 new words a day...i'm sure she is learning more than 1 but i am focusing on 1 word a is fun watching her learn so much...before she's given something i will say to her "what do you say" please or thank you is what i'm looking for...yesterday when i said "what do you say" she replied "what do you say" with a big grin on her was so cute...being 46 now with a toddler has honestly been a breeze...she's made it very easy...she likes her car seat...she likes to go for a walk in the morning with sisco, ruby & i...she is trying new foods every day she eats a ton of food for her size... she sleeps all night...takes a 2 hour extremely patient...God knew what type of child an older mom like me could handle...she goes on oct.14 to the cardiologist we are claiming complete healing to her heart...i am waiting until she sees the pediatrician on monday for a referral for a dermatologist so we can have the pre-cancerous mole (this is what the doctor in china thinks it is) checked out....she's gained 2# YEAH...maybe she'll be into 18 month clothes soon ;) after i posted this i realized i'd already put this photo on the jet leg mind is still sleepy
talking with daddy on the phone while driving in a toy car...she looks like ms. daisy with those plastic pearls she's wearing.

emma lael is 100% a "girly girl" she always has a necklace or bracelet on...we've spent hours outside she is an "outdoor girly girl" she is doing awesome...i still am amazed how well she's adjusted to her new home & life...God has truly blessed our family with emma lael.

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