Thursday, March 3, 2011

but God

i read this on a friends blog today...wanted to share it with you guys...WOW!

but, god...

but's too darn hard.

"follow me." matthew 9:9

but god...what if i fail miserably?

"follow me." matthew 8:22

but god...what if what i'm feeling you call me to do is too painful--too challenging?

"follow me." matthew 4:19

but god...i have everything i need right here and things are good in my life.

"follow me." matthew 10:38

but can i possibly step out of my comfort zone? what if........"

"follow me." matthew 16:24

but will cost money and so many sacrifices will have to be made."

"follow me." matthew 19:21

but god...i am weak, tired, weary, lacking faith, and discouraged."

"follow me." mark 1:17

but god...there is so much at risk. what if my friends and family don't support me? goodness, what it they disown me?

"follow me." mark 2:14

but god...what about my own family and their comforts?

"follow me." mark 8:34

but faith is smaller than a mustard seed.

"follow me." mark 10:21

but god...i just don't know if i can do this. i don't have what it takes.

"follow me." luke 5:27

but god...can i trust you in this? really? can i?

"follow me." luke 9:23

but god...i don't want to walk on the water right now--i like it here where things are calm.

"follow me." luke 9:59

but god...can you see that my family is happy with the way things are right now?

"follow me." luke 9:61

but can i know for sure that i have heard your still small voice?

"follow me." luke 14:27

but listening? how will this ever come together?

"follow me." luke 18:22

but you think you could give this little assignment to somebody else? please?

"follow me." john 1:43

but god...what if things fall apart and my world comes crashing down?

"follow me." john 8:12

but god...i'm afraid of failure.

"follow me." john 10:27

but god...give it all up? seriously?

"follow me." john 12:26

but god...{insert a great reason not to do something}

"follow me." john 21:19

but god...{insert just one more great excuse}

"follow me." john 21:22

sound familiar?

excuses. excuses. excuses. all very valid, of course.


okay. okay. okay. i think i get it, lord.

i'm out of excuses. completely. there are none.

i will follow you with reckless abandon...come what may.

god, you are trustworthy, dependable, good, kind, loving, patient, abounding in grace and mercy. faithful and true is your name--how can i possibly not trust you with everything i have?

"then he said to them all: “whoever wants to be my disciplemust deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me."
luke 9:23

even when the road is hard, and things make absolutely no sense...i will follow you!

simply because you said so

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