Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dan Cathy said, “A God inspired dream will never fit in your checkbook or calendar.” That is so true. Adoption is a God-inspired dream for us.

i can't tell you how often people will ask "how much did it cost to adopt" or even "how much did you pay for her" only heard that once or twice and it about put me over the top UGH....i love the quote by dan cathy...i have found in the adoption world that the money is the biggest obstacle for families to overcome...many families have told me "we'd love to adopt but we can't afford it" what i say over and over again is "if God brings you to it He will bring you through it" i also, have found it to be true that adoptive families aren't a bunch of well to do families...actually that couldn't be further from the truth...we are all being obedient to what God has called us to do in His name.
you may have to fund raise
you may have to apply for a grant
you may have to take a loan
you may have to deplete your savings account
you may have to work extra hours on your job
sending out letters asking for donation

fund raising was the easiest and most joy-filled part of the journey for us. The process of hearing people’s hearts and stories and watching them be obedient to the call to give towards our family was humbling and amazing! i honestly can remember every person who bought an emma wear t-shirt...all those people who sent natalie money for her airline did more than you will ever know for a 15 year old showed her that you cared about what was important to her, you taught her to reach for your dreams even when it looked impossible...and you loved her.

YES! Adoption is VERY expensive. But, the trade off is complete reliance on the Holy Spirit to weave together a story so much bigger than you. You just have to decide for yourselves if its worth it. if you have been called by God to adopt the money will come...guaranteed.

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