Saturday, March 19, 2011

4 wheelers, trucks, trains & cars

that's my girl!!!! she loves all things that go FAST....she likes to dress like a girl with hair bows & necklaces the more the better ;) but she doesn't have much interest in dolls right now she prefers trains and cars....she and garrett were having fun riding there own 4 wheeler...she thinks her car is a 4 wheeler...she went for a ride with garrett on his 4 wheeler...garrett even made a home made seat belt that belted her to him so she would be extra safe....garrett had a brio train set when he was little and it hsa been in the attic for years...i brought it out this week and she LOVES it! she can sit and play with that train set for 45-60 minutes without getting up! she is now enjoys watching thomas the train and several of the trains garrett has are thomas choo choo trains and his friends.

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