Saturday, March 19, 2011

before and after

you can see how her teeth have shifted after her fall...she once had no gap and an overlap (the dentist called it) now she has a gap and they are tiled back on the outside...her upper lip and gums are still swollen...she has no bruising which is surprising...once again emma lael is a HAPPY camper showing off her big SMILE! even with dried blood on her teeth...still is oozing a little blood every so often when the teeth are moved...she can't use a sippy cup because she says it "huwts her teeth" my poor baby ;0) good thing she can use a big girl cup! it's mommy who doesn't like big girl cups because big girls have a tendency to spill big girl cup drink on the OCD self likes things neat & tidy.

1 comment:

  1. ohhhh, poor girl! ~ but I sure do love how fast she recovers and shines that beautiful smile of her's ...even if it has shifted just a little, she still GLOWS!!! Cutie Pie!! :) Praying everything heals up well and that there is no serious damage. Give her a big ol' hug for me!