Monday, March 7, 2011

pucker up

emma lael first taste of a lemon...emma lael, lala & i picked lemons, grapefruit & oranges while in AZ...she likes all fruit so i thought i'd give her a taste of a lemon wedge..yes, that is a lemon they grown em BIG in AZ ;)...she licked it...laughed...licked it again laughed some more...puckered her little lips and laughed again...all the while, i have a piece of grapefruit in my mouth that i had drawn teeth on...emma lael says "mama silly willy"....she continues laughing her sweet infectious laugh that makes everyone around her smile & laugh...we had fun today being simple & silly together...thank you God for the little things in life they truly are what makes my life so WONDERFUL! i don't need the glamour...glitz...fame or fortune i just need YOU and my friends & family.

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