Wednesday, March 30, 2011

kent & I went bowling with our 4th grade sunday school class last friday...we had so much fun! this was emma lael's 2nd time bowling...she was so funny...she walked in the bowling alley like she knew exactly what she was doing...went to look for a ball...yeah right little missy, remember most of the balls weigh more then you do my sweet girl ;) it was cosmic bowling night so the black lights were on with disco balls twirling around and around.... her high top converse bright green tennis shoes were even brighter she kept pointing to her shoes in Awww of how they were glowing...all the kids in our class just love her and she thinks she is in 4th grade....we were at the grocery the other day and an elderly man asked her how old she was she said "24" i said your not 24...she said "mama emma lael is 10, k" i can tell being around adults & older siblings has made her THINK she is older!

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