Saturday, March 19, 2011

crash and burn

let me first explain...emma lael is flat footed and when she runs her run is a bit unsteady...i have imaged several times her falling and knocking her two front teeth out...her two front teeth protrude out quit a bit so i am always telling her "be careful" when she is running....yesterday afternoon she was running and BOOM down she went i knew exactly what i was going to see as i picked her up...keep in mind i was right behind her when seh fell...when seh fell she fell flat on her face her little hands weren't even scrapped so she didn't brace her fall with her hand it was all FACE...bless her heart....blood pouring out of her mouth like a faucet....kent isn't the one you'd want helping in any situation were blood is i brought her in the house he saw her immediatly put his hands over his mouth as if he was going to get sick, typical kent reaction...thank God the kids have me other wise they would be taking care of themselves while daddy is on the floor passed out ...her lip a little scraped but not bad...lip already beginning to swell...i take her inside to get a wet cloth to look inside her mouth and i am SURPRISED at what is see...her two protuding teeth that over lapped one another are no longer protruding and now she has a gap between her teeth...called the dentist (who couldn't of been nicer) he said not much you can do unless they are "flapping in the wind" they are both loose but not has changed her look completly... my little girl has a FAT lip with a gap between her teeth (these pictures for some reason don't show how fat her lip really is) in emma lael fashion she was such a trooper as i took her bloody clothes off her...wrapped her in a towel and held a cool wet cloth in her mouth...she's so brave!

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  1. Oh dear!! Well, after seeing these, I realize just how priceless that smile in today's post really is. Glad to see the swelling has come down! She's even a doll with her puffy lips!

    What a trooper!! ~ Emma that is.

    Your hubby?!... well, not so much. LOL!!! ;)

    {**I tease, I tease!!**}