Tuesday, March 15, 2011

radio flyer fun

emma lael's and anna have fun playing together anna is babysat by our next door neighbor...yesterday they wanted to be pulled in the wagons...emma lael is in garrett's wagon that was bought when i was pregnant in 1992...emma lael and anna are 6 weeks apart in age....BIG difference in size but that's it.... they just started to hold hands when they are playing ;0)...ms ruby is close by her best buddy ALWAYS.
we are enjoying the pre-spring weather... i have been showing emma lael all the spring flowers that are popping up everyday in our yard and gardens...i will ask her to smell the flowers and she will blow OUT not breath in ;) she will then mimic me and say "smells nice" .
the last few weeks she sings "jesus loves me" all the time...at natalie's volleyball tournament this weekend all of a sudden she busted out singing "jesus loves me" in her loud tone of voice she caught the attention of many by standers bringing SMILES to them all.
her pre school teacher is in aww of how smart she is...so are we...is it an asian thing? i honestly don't know but what i do know is that garrett & natalie weren't this sharp at 3 years old...she speaks in complete sentences...she just recently refers to people in the 3rd person she has grasped the english language very easily...God knows what is best for each child and each family who is going to adopt.
i use to pray before we were matched with a child that God would bring the child to us that needed OUR family the most...He heard my prayers she fits perfectly in the sisler family...one of the workers at new day would tell me often that she talks A LOT and she is very loud she was 100% correct....we are a talkative & outgoing LOUD family...matter of fact, when garrett was little family members would call us the Loud Family from saturday night live...emma lael is LOUD...like i have said hundreds of times talks CONSTANTLY that's what makes her fit so well with us plus many other characteristics she has.
emma lael goes friday for her second cardiologist appointment she'll be seen every 3 months to assess her cardiac status...these appointments will determine when she'll need her next open heart surgery...she's been off all her cardiac medications since november 2010...garrett is going with us to take her to the doctor...he worries about her like her daddy does...please pray that no changes have occurred since her last appointment...she jumps & runs like any other 3 year old would.

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