Monday, February 28, 2011

trip to AZ

emma lael and i went to AZ to visit my parents for a few days...had a great time visiting lala, papa & charlie (the dog)...we also visited kim, daniel, kathryn, grant & abigail we met kim & daniel while in china when they were adopting abigail (the youngest) in the photos...the day they landed in the states abigail was taken to the ER and spent the next 7 weeks in the hospital...she is a miracle..she had her 4 heart defects repaired...suffered many complications after her surgery...she went over 15 minutes without a heart beat...did i mention she is a MIRACLE...the only thing they see as being slightly delayed is her speech otherwise she is doing mom has became a family member to this family...she loves kathryn, grant & abigail as if they were her very own is cool to see how God can orchestrates such perfect people to enter our lives just when we need them...emma lael was able to see horses...chicken...javalenia's and many animals she'd never seen before...grant told emma lael all about snakes...not to step in horse not touch the fence because it would shock her (the horse fence)....he was the perfect little gentleman during out visit at his home.


  1. Precious!! Sweet of Connie to step in as a grandparent! Wish she was here!

  2. What a neat story... I love how God orchestrates things. His plan never ceases to amaze me!! Sounds like a nice trip and how fun to see the little miracle girl in person again after all of her surgeries. God is good! <><