Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best Friends

tuesday is TRASH day....ruby hears the trash trunk coming down our street she will pop up and look out the front door...not far behind is emma lael...emma lael talks to ruby like she is human (she has gotten that from me) together they watched the trash man pick up our trash can and empty it into the BIG trash truck...being a parent of a toddler at age 48 is different...this time around i am seeing so many things for the first time through emma lael's eyes...she is very curious...so was garrett and natalie when they were toddlers but i had two toddlers at that time... i guess you could say i wasn't as observant to the world they were seeing and learning for the first time.... as i reflect back to when they were 3.5 it seems like forever ago....then i will see something that will make it seem like it was only yesterday that they both were 3.5 yesterday...hopefully, this time around i will continue to STOP and smell the roses and cherish every step of the journey as an older parent with a toddler ;)

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