Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Girls just wanna have FUN

emma lael went to the park today with her friend anna...they are 6 weeks apart in age and play well together...let me tell you ms. itty bit emma lael kept up with all the kids...even though she is tiny she didn't let that stop her...she climbed...jumped...ran...went down the slide...climbed up the chain ladder she was so determined to keep up with everyone...this was the first time i'd seen her with so many children her age and at once..she held her own that's for sure...a little boy came up to her and said "are you a baby climbing up the ladder? i will help you not fall" then he told her he was 5.5 years old...he was protective of her made me wonderful if he had a little sister at home? if we could all take a few pointed from this little boy the world we lived in would be so much happier for everyone...she has tackled many obstacles already but i have NO doubts she won't let anything get in her way of having FUN! in her normal fashion she was as happy and joyful like always!

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