Thursday, February 3, 2011

chinese new year at preschool

today at pre school they celebrated chinese new year...emma lael wore a chinese dress we purchased in china...when i put it on her this morning she said "what is this" i bet she was thinking to herself why am i wearing this silky dress to school she tells me she runs...jumps...ride the bike and goes on the playground...oh yes, she does say all that and so much more...her english is truly unbelievable her memory is even more amazing...she knows what she can and can't do a good example would be she isn't allowed to use my cell phone but when she plays with someone else cell phone she will tattle on herself..."mama emma lael typed on aunt amy phone"...she's so darn cute that if she asks for your phone 99.9% of people will give her the phone...not way...mama sticks to her rules...i am still in awww that you can tell her to do something or not to something ONCE and that's all you have to say....repeating is totally unnecessary with little missy...makes parenting EASY i must say!

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  1. Oh my goodness! ~just LOOK at that cute little miss of your's!! She is such a dolly in her Chinese dress. I love that she is so sharp and such a quick learner. But I especially love that she makes your parenting her so easy with not having to repeat the rules! What a GOOD girl... you are truly blessed!!

    I would LOVE to see videos of her talking and speaking English now. I miss that cute high-pitched voice of her's, and I bet it's incredibly adorable when she talks!?!

    Happy CNY ~ Year of the Rabbit, and God bless! <><