Friday, July 23, 2010

paperwork & visa

just when i think i've got this adoption paperwork figured out i quickly realize i am is it possible that i've been doing this now for 10 months and am still so confused on what comes next???? thank God for jenna... my dear friend who has held my hand multiple times during these past 10 months...she knows this paper work in and's as if she has a computer in her head i can ask her anything and she doesn't even hesitate she spills out the answer...she is amazing i tell you amazing....thank you jenna.

a glimpse of the adoption paperwork for wu li yun...get this...this is only part of it...thank God i'm so organized...i was on the phone trying to find the correct person to tell at NVC that our daughter chinese name is spelled "o" were and "u" should be changes everything...after many phone calls and a couple hours i found someone who knew what to do...thank you God for people who do know what to do in situations such as this.

we got our visas today...i can now get my red pen and put a check mark on my to do list next to VISA.
with each passing day we get closer to that special day when we meet emma lael...i have so many people to thank amy,lily,jenna,kim,karla... without these ladies i honestly don't know how i'd ever get to use my red pen...i love that pen ;)


  1. Oh I remember so very well how you feel! The paperwork often seems redundant and can be very daunting at times. But I assure you (as you already KNOW!) she is worth EVERY document filled out, every check signed and every new list made. It sure feels good to put another 'check' on the list though, doesn't it!?! One step CLOSER to your precious girl! It won't be long and all those 'steps' in the long process will be but a blurr!! ;)


  2. You are welcome Andrea! I love having you along on the journey!

  3. Oh boy....I'm trying not to freak out at the thought of all that's ahead of me. I don't even HAVE a to-do list yet........should I be worried by that? YIKES!!!!!