Tuesday, July 13, 2010


as i heard the door bell ring today at 11:37...hoping it was our sweet fedex lady...i had 3 teenagers (lyns my daughter from another mother haha) behind me equally as excited as i was to see our LOA...the smiles on their faces holding that LOA document just fills my heart with complete JOY knowing that emma lael has a brother who thinks she's so darn cute....a big sister who can't wait to hold her in her arms.
THANK YOU Jesus for garrett & natalie open hearts to love this precious little girl your blessing our family with...i've finally stopped crying (HAPPY TEARS) over the fact that we really are going to bring her home...those who know me know i am a big cry baby always have been...poor emma lael she won't know what to do when i meet her for the first time i hope i don't freak her out when i start crying.


  1. So exciting!!! I'm glad your other kids are sharing in the anticipation...that makes it so much sweeter! :)

  2. So fun! Love that your big kids are excited too! :)

  3. Congrats on your LOA! I popped on your blog the other day to see your precious girl. You know my teenager just got back from China and spent his weekends at new day for a few months. He raves about how great the care and the kids are. You are blessed.
    Also saw your post to mine on RQ. Thanks for the sweet words. And don't worry you will be great meeting your Emma, exactly what she needs. She is just precious.