Friday, July 2, 2010

birthday girl

monday july 5 emma lael will turn 3...we obviously won't be with her to celebrate her birthday but we will celebrate her 3rd birthday her at home with a birthday cake for emma lael...we sent her a birthday package 10 days ago as of yesterday they hadn't received it yet...hopefully they will get it today.
i wonder if her birth parents think about her on that day? in my heart i feel they must remember july 5...emma lael was found in a hospital corridor...a place that her birth mother knew someone would find her newborn baby girl...she was found immediatly the reports say...infant girl found at 1-2 days of life...thank you God for the person who picked up this tiny bundle and brought her to the police station in hothot, inner mongolia on that hot july 5, 2007 day...what was going through her mother's mind on that day? was she unmarried pregnant teenager? was she a mother who had delivered her 2nd child in a country that only allows 1 child per family who prefers boys? those questions i will never know the answer to...i've decided to not even try and figure out what was going through emma lael's birth mother's mind...i can tell you my heart hurts for her because no matter what the reason was she felt she had to abandon her newborn baby girl it wasn't easy for her...most likley something she didn't want to do but felt she had to do.
i was just thinking yesterday that it would be the best birthday present for emma lael if we received our LOA document on her birthday.
a quote i read several years ago just seems to stick in my mind these days:
"if we wait for the moment when everything absolutley everything is ready, we shall never begin." turgenev
i have no idea why we didn't adopt when we were in our thirties the answer that continues to come to me is that God didn't think we were ready until now.

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