Saturday, July 3, 2010

gracious receiver

to receive a gift can be difficult for me at times...i love getting gifts but i always feel like when someone does something for me or gives me something i need to return the favor...this week i got a phone call from a lady who wanted to order "emma wear" we talked for a good while she offered to give me clothes that her daughter had grown out of...i could tell from her tone of voice she really wanted to give her daughter's clothes to emma lael...i was very touched...during the conversation i said i will give you the t-shirts you want for the clothes...she said "NO, i want emma lael to have these clothes" she really meant it...i was sitting in our dining room which is now were i make all the "emma wear" t-shirts i leave my sewing machine up all the time...natalie was sitting with me while i was talking...when the conversation ended natalie said something like "mom you have a hard time accepting gifts don't you?" i thought about that and said "yeah, i guess your right" then she said "do you like giving people gifts?" i replied "yes, i do more than anything" a conversation began about being a gracious receiver when i don't allow someone to bless me i take away the joy that is in their giving heart and i thought about how nice it feels when you give something to someone...God wants us to be gracious receivers as well as gracious givers.

i've had on my mind for several months how will i get involved with mother's with children that are 3???? emma lael won't be put into pre-school until she turns 4??? the gap between my age and a twenty something year old mom seemed huge to me....this person that had called me told me her daughter just turned 3 last week i told her emma lael will be 3 july 5...we began talking about getting ella & emma lael together when we settled in with emma lael...i told her about garrett going off to college & natalie starting high school i told her i most likely will be called emma lael's grandma i told her i was 46 she said she was 42...then she said "i will run you over to get that handicap parking place" i knew at that moment i'd found a new friend...let me tell you she is so FUNNY she had me laughing several times during our conversation...the term we use in the south is "she's a HOOT ;0)"...God answered a prayer for me that i'd found my connection to the toddler world again...thank you Jesus.

she also know a lady who teaches chinese to children her in our community...we've decided we would like emma lael to maintain her mandarin chinese language...God brought this women into my life for many reasons...God is always with us and if we trust and have faith He'll provide the answers to our prayers.

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