Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Judges 3:10

throughout the old testament, as in judges 3:10, i see that the spirit of the Lord "came upon" people and gave them power, wisdom, or ability beyond what they naturally had.
outer power comes from inner purity and the inner purification (or sanctification) is a work of the Holy Spirit living within us. He wants to fill us with His Spirit and give us the power to live the abundant life that is available through believing in Jesus Christ.

as i read judges 3:10 i felt many adoptive parents know the emotions run the gamut from one end of the emotion spectrum to the other...the long process from home study...finding out who God has chosen for your child...waiting for this document & that document...although each document brings you closer to your child it still can be a time of stress for many.

as we wait for one more date our consulate appointment date i am often finding my wheels inside my head turning full force...i wake up at night with my "to do list" in large bold print...i woke up the other night at 3 a.m. to be reminded i hadn't packed one pair of panties for emma lael...last night i woke up wondering how do i send in bills when i've not gotten the bill yet...another night i woke up worried about leaving garrett her (he's in college) while we are all in china then remembered we can skype him...oh yeah my husband, kent is sound asleep every single night ;0)

as i read judges 3:10 i know that God will give kent, natalie, my mom & i power, wisdom and abilities beyond what we naturally have during our time in china...this is were i must match my actions with my words...TRUST GOD...i've had to tell myself over & over again when i step on the plane headed for beijing that i'm no longer in control the paperwork is done...the packing is's in God's hands and He will get emma lael through this huge transition in her life...He will guide each of us on what do to...what not to do to help emma lael through this time in her life.


  1. I honestly don't know how adoptive parents go through the adoption journey without God leading the way for's hard enough with Him!!! I've got my list going to, and it will be another few months before I travel! I'm just scared to death I'll forget something BIG!

  2. Hey- I'm posting this at 4AM, but woke up at 2AM wondering how I would pay bills I have not received yet while I am in China! :) LOL......if you figure it out let me know. BUT, that must be a normal thing to worry about!!! :) SO EXCITED for you!!!! I'll e-mail you too.....

  3. Hi there! I came across your blog this morning as I googled Proverbs 24:12. I was being lazy and didn't want to type it out but wanted to copy and paste it onto my Facebook. But maybe it was providential as your blog was the 2nd thing that came up on the search. We just returned from China last Sunday at 11:30pm. We were there working with orphans with special needs at Maria's Big House of Hope in Louyang, China. We also spent several days in Beijing. We knew going God was going to do a big work in our hearts but we had no idea how BIG it would be. We have been home a week and we long to go back. We never imagined we would love China so much. We were just going because we love orphans! Anyway, while we were there God confirmed in our hearts that we are to adopt from China. We just sent in our application this past week and began the long process. Although I wish I was already at the point in the process where you are I know that He will use this journey to stretch me and draw me even closer to Himself. I'm excited to have found your blog and look forward to following along as you go get your precious girl! Do you mind telling me what agency you are going through? I haven't had time to go read all of your old posts yet so maybe it's there. Blessings to you and your family! Praying for an amazing trip for you!