Wednesday, June 23, 2010

payton paintings

this is payton holding emma lael june 2009...payton painted a beautiful picture for emma lael's room a fancy pink girly ladybug if i had to image emma lael as a ladybug this is exactly how she would look...this picture is perfect for emma leal's room.
i had an idea that i wanted a mural painted on emma lael's wall the image is from a chinese pattern quilt i had purchased in december 2009...i knew that payton was coming to ga to visit family and i knew she was a fabulous artist...i asked her if she would like to paint this certain image on emma lael's wall...i told her if you don't no big deal (between you and me i really wanted her to)...she agreed YEAH ;0)...can you say PERFECT... while she was painting it i said it looks "child like" "fun" emma lael could color it... as if it is was a page out of a BIG picture coloring book...thank you payton so very much.
later that day payton tells me she can't accept the check...she's decided to send the money to new day foster home the foster home emma lael is heart melted at her kind's a breath of fresh air to have a teenager look beyond themselves and want to help others...payton God is smiling down on you.

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