Sunday, June 6, 2010

i read this recently on a blog of another family who is adopting a child from china...i found it very profound and wanted to post it on my blog to share it with you guys.

I think there is no greater calling than to be a mother and that is what God has called me to be. Jean Fleming wrote the following and expresses this calling beautifully:

"Webster's defines "call" as a "divine vocation or strong inner prompting to a particular course of action." In every generation mothers must answer the call to BE what no one else can BE and to DO what no one else can DO for their children. It isn't that mothers can't do many other things, but if they refuse to accept their calling as mother some child ends up short changed. The empty space that mother leaves echoes for generations.

Mothers are neither the cause of all society's ills not the saviors of the nation. But the future of society does depend, in part, on what we do with the children under our care. What calling could be more glorifying to God?

God calls us to bring to our mothering a high level of commitment and a right perspective born out of a clear vision and a Biblical value system. "
Will you answer His call?

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