Saturday, June 19, 2010

emma lael and her foster grandma

how do i begin to thank emma lael's foster grandparents??? that is a constant thought that runs through my mind 24/7...emma lael has been with them since she was 1.5 year old they've nurtured her after her 2nd open heart surgeries...emma lael loves her foster grandparents and they love her very much...the books i've read say that if a child has bonded & attached to someone that they will bond & attach to their adoptive parents also...i thank God in my daily prayers for emma lael's foster grandparents...i get very emotional when i think of the day when we will take her home with us...leaving them forever...that is the start of her life with us a day we look forward to...counting down the will be the end of all she's ever known her entire life...i know her life with us will be great but she can't understand that at 3 years could she ever "get it" she can't nor could we ever expect her to...this is what is so incredibly sad to me...knowing she'll not understand WHY she is leaving everything she's ever known to go with total strangers...i pray and ask God daily to help emma lael know that we are her parents...this i know can only come from God...God i'm really counting on you to comfort emma lael during this traumatic time in her life...i trust God will help emma lael during the transition...meeting her family and leaving the only family she's ever known.
i would like to ask anyone who reads this blog to please pray that emma lael will be accepting of us and allow us to comfort her during the initial transition...i ask that you'd pray that God will prepare kent, natalie, my mom & i for the events to come when we arrive in china...we'll be in china for 2 weeks i know God your every place at all times...time zones no problem for You...God i'll be calling on You quit a bit while in China to give you Praise for this precious little girl we are now calling our daughter, sister, granddaughter, friend, cousin.

"When you look at your life, the greatest happiness’s are family happiness’s." -Joyce Brothers

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