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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy HOME Day

One year ago today we landed on good ole american soil after spending weeks in beautiful china, our daughter emma lael's home land.... we were home....emma lael was HOME.... HOME a place she call HOME from this day forward....i remembered our first night home emma lael and i slept in her room... i tucked her in her crib she feel fast asleep in HER room.....a room prepared especially for her....she woke up at 5 a.m. and our first full day at HOME began....thank you God for an amazing 1st year with our precious girl....still on this day....1 year later i pinch myself making sure this isn't a dream....ADOPTION has been a life changer for the sisler family....i pray emma lael knows how very much we love her today, tomorrow and FOREVER.

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  1. Happy 1 Year Anniversary!! Oh I remember the day well! From our own special anniversaries, to following your journey to Emma Lael and seeing her home in arms of her wonderful Forever Family... what a blessing and honor it has been to know you, and I look forward to the day we will meet in person and our precious girls will get to play together once again!