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Saturday, October 22, 2011

could she be any cuter

the perfect weather day for andrea sisler
a crisp breeze
not a cloud in the sky
sunshine rays all around and not 1 bead of sweat rolling down my face...gotta love that
laying in the grass and watching the bugs jump all around us
watching our cats & dogs run and romp
playing with my sweet angel emma lael (could she be any cuter...i don't think so ;0)
watching emma lael draw with chalk...she can write her first name and boy is she proud of herself
sitting quietly watching natalie lay on the grass with our neighbors eating a popsicle
hearing all the sounds that the world seems to bring but when were busy we don't hear them all...crickets...dogs barking....lawn mowers....the smell of fires being burnt

emma lael while at new day had a love for a certain scooter....this week while shopping we found the scooters just like the one's at new day....she picked out a pink one...she's had more fun riding it all this week....

i asked her to stick out her tongue for a picture she said "mama, that's not nice" i told her we were just being "silly" and it was okay for a few pictures...she's my rule follower ;-)

i hope each of you who read this post enjoyed your day....we sure did

1 comment:

  1. Oh how I love that sweet girl!!

    Khloe has the same plasma car (actually two ~ one for 'inside' and one for 'outside' use only!) It is a favorite toy of all our childhood guests... and some adults, too! ;)

    Sounds like a perfect day to stop, reflect and take in the sights, sounds and smells of a beautiful fall day filled with God's blessings!!