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Monday, October 10, 2011


our SOLID GOLD girl sings ABC's....gosh, i LOVE our sweet girl emma lael


  1. Just love her! She is "solid gold" for sure!

  2. hi andrea,
    i have been meaning to write you after i read your comment on new day's blog on the post about joshua thinking his parents are too busy for him... we are now joshua's parents!!!! :) we had been praying for a month leading up to that post about adopting him and God used that post to show us His YES! joshua was ours!! :) i just thought you'd like to knwo! i'd love to know more about your interactions with him! you can email me at pfinn77 at hotmail dot com

  3. Oh my! ~ How stink'in CUTE is that!?! I love that girl of yours... had to watch it a few times. My favorite was at the end when she was done and says, "okay..." ~ like, 'you can shut it off now, mom!' ...and then she smacks the table a few times. Silly, fun Emma Lael!! Oh how I wish you lived closer ~ she and Khloe would have a blast together!!!