Thursday, September 22, 2011

P L O P it's gone

last november 2010 emma lael had a fall that caused her two front teeth to be she accidentally knocked into the wand in the bathtub and P L O P out came her tooth... no bleeding or tears.... she didn't even know it had fallen out until i picked her up and said "oh my gosh, your tooth is gone" i picked her up let her look at herself in the mirror i asked "does it hurt" she said "no, mama"... it will a long time until her adult tooth comes the meantime she'll be a cutie pie with one less front tooth.


  1. All the kids are going to be jealous at school. Ellie has me wiggle her teeth every night in hopes one might be loose. This has been going on for TWO years.
    Emma Lael looks adorable and is ONE TOUGH cookie. So glad that it didn't hurt when it came out.

  2. They will Lacey! My girls are always asking me when they will lose their teeth and when will the tooth fairy come!

    EL will be adorable no matter what and thankful there was no pain or tears!

  3. Having that missing tooth makes her look like such a 'big kid' now! I bet she is going to feel pretty cool when the kids take notice!! ;) What a cutie pie... and YES, she IS one very tough little cookie!!! :)