Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Good report from ECHO

today was emma lael's 3rd cardiologist appointment since we've been home....no changes from her last two echo's YEAH...we learned today that she'll need 2 or 3 more open heart surgeries not 1 like we originally thought....the 3rd being when she's an adult....the 1st will depend on how long she can go before having symptoms of poor cardiac perfusion...it could be in 2 years or 10 years...they were able to get a good view of her pulmonary arteries today in previous echo's they couldn't get a good view of the pulmonary arteries...both her right and left pulmomary arteries are very narrow they will both be patched to enlarge them when she has the pulmonary valve replaced during her next surgery ....the pulmonary value will have to be replaced as she grows....the longer she can go without having it replaced now the better chance of having only 2 surgeries...her tiny frame is a benefit...valve's are replaced based on the growth of a child...if she is going to be 80 lbs as an adult and she has her pulmonary value replaced when she weighs 50 lbs most likley then she'll only need one more valve replacement.
she's been practicing writing her name and she wanted to practice while we waited for the echo to be done....pretty good, hah ;)


  1. She looks SO happy and SO healthy that it's crazy to look at her and think she'll ever need even one more surgery! I swear she has grown and blossomed SO much over the last year. Still praying for a miracle for her, and that she will have many years before needing another surgery. One thing I know for sure: Emma Lael is a precious little treasure and you are SO blessed to have her, as she is to have you!!


  2. She just keeps getting cuter, if that is possible! What a positive and happy little girl you have- even in the hospital she just shines! :)

  3. She is a doll!! Love that sweet smile. She is always so happy!! So sorry that more surgeries are needed, but praying that it will be a long while before she needs another. And who knows...God can do anything!!! Thanks for the update Andrea!! Hope you are all doing well!!

  4. P.s. WAY TO GO on her name!! She is doing awesome!!! She'll be chalking her name in fancy letters like her big sister in no time!! ;0)