Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pay it Forward

kent & i wanted to Pay it Forward and help raise money for the kids at New Day who are waiting for surgery....all you have to do is TELL EVERYONE you know to come to our blog and click on the "chip in" button to donate....this is a great most of you know emma lael had two open heart surgeries both funded by people just like you and i...without these donations she would never of made it...Kent & i have started the donation with $1,000.00 let's see how much we can raise before august 26...which is natalie's 16th birthday.


  1. Was that someone else's last week that I donated to? Or are you going a second round. Either way awesome!! What a great way to pay if forward. Thanks for your sweet email. I love hearing from you!

  2. Thank you for doing this! Our Reagan was blessed with two life saving surgeries while at New Day also.

  3. Saw this link on Danae's blog. As the very thankful Mama of another New Day pumpkin that had life changing heart surgery (Jamison, now forever known as Daniel), I'm more than happy to chip in!