Tuesday, July 12, 2011

i was walking this morning after reading the book (becoming more than a good bible study girl by: lysa terkeurst) that goes along with my bible study...she was talking about david and how when he was anointed with oil to become the king he was sent back in the fields to tend to his sheep...okay, if i was just told i was going to be a queen i'd expect to leave the fields and begin "living the life of a queen" God taught me that he uses our everyday lives like running errands to glorify His great plan in our lives...God will use our mundane daily lives to prepare us for something even bigger then we could ever image...after thinking about that my brain raced to yet another thought what was i doing on july 5, 2007 (the day emma lael was born) i journal so i came back from my walk and looked through my journal books to read what i wrote on that day...for some reason i couldn't find the 2007 journal book UGH...i do remember something very BIG happened on that day...our son, garrett was accepted to boarding school it was a day of celebration...i clearly remember even though i can't find my exact words from my journal book i felt PEACE on july 5, 2007...strange but on that very same day my little emma lael was born in inner mongolia china...then my thoughts began to think what if??? we had started our adoption process earlier or later...i'd have to say that if we'd not started our adoption journey in october 2010 we'd not of been matched with emma lael...just one more blessing to be thankful for...it is really cool when we start to look at God for the blessings in our lives and not give ourselves the praise for them.

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  1. Well Written Andrea....

    And Yeah for reaching your New Day Heart surgery goal....

    :) :) :) :)