Tuesday, July 19, 2011

our 2 other girls

evie and ella we began to sponsor several months ago...we met evie when we were at new day adopting emma lael...her nanny was sitting on the floor next to her crib watching every breath she'd take...she was cyanotic (blue) and very tiny...fragile and very sick....she was born wiht 5 heart defects...ellie, the nurse at new day who loved emma lael so much told us between her tears that God brought evie to new day to help her heart heal because she was going to miss emma lael so much...she said evie reminds her so much of emma lael when she first came to new day.

ella arrived at new day march of 2011...when kent & i decided to sponsor 2 children from new day i knew evie would be one but we didn't know who our second sponsor would be...kent's mom name is ella so it was easy when we saw sweet ella's face that she would be our 2nd child to sponsor...we have there pictures on our frig and emma lael will tell you "dis are babies from china" in her cute chinglish which now has a southern accent.

God bless these two sweet girls....we look forward to watching them grown at new day until God finds there forever families.

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