Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday Girl

to celebrate emma lael's 4th birthday we took her to see Cars 2....this was her very first time at a movie theater...when she woke up from her nap today she said "mama my belly hungry" she didn't want her favorite snack so i knew she wasn't hungry....then she said "mama my belly hurt" 20 minutes into the movie she got sick in the popcorn bucket (it was empty) then she felt fine....she watched the movie laughed and talked like emma lael does ;) we came home had dinner and she opened her presents we sang happy birthday she had the BIGGEST smile you've ever seen....she knew this was her special day....she blew out the birthday candles and she ate a tiny bit of her birthday cake....thank you to all of you who called to wish her happy birthday....still hard for me to believe that she is our daughter....yes, i still pinch myself every so often to make sure i'm not in a dream


  1. A special day for an oh so special girl!:)

  2. She is definitely yours. :) What a special day indeed but sorry her belly was upset. Love her cake!! GORGEOUS!! And she is going to love her leapster!! Happy 4th Emma Lael!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Emma Lael!!!