Tuesday, April 6, 2010

plain & simple...peace & proof

by nature, i am an impatient person…this adoption process has taught me if you want (still not easy) and preserve, nothing is impossible...as we wait anxiously...( for me, impatiently) to be matched with our daughter...i am so very thankful that God has chosen our family to adopt a little girl...we could be matched anytime after april 19...God really is the only one who knows who she is...where she is...how old she is...what her special need is...when we will see the first snap shot of our little girl, emma lael.

it's been 6.5 months since we began the adoption paper work...it's been over 18 months since kent & i started discussing adoption...last year at this time we were talking about adopting a little girl from china a year later we're adopting...the coolest part of this entire journey is God has had this planned since the day He created kent & i...

to humble yourself "under the mighty hand of God, that is due time He may exalt you" 1 peter 5:6 means to ask the Lord for what you need and then wait on Him to provide as He sees fit, knowing that His timing is always perfect. are you humbling yourself under His hand in every situation of your life and trusting that He knows what is best for you? He has great plans fro you, so i encourage you to be still, stop striving, and allow Him to show you how to cooperate with His purposes for you.
also, be sure to cast all your cares upon the Lord 1 peter 5:7. do not worry about anything because staying peaceful is actually proof that you have humbled yourself and that you trust God to do what needs to be done.

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