Thursday, April 22, 2010

i-797 approval

today we received our i-797 approval document...this is the document that give us permission to bring emma lael into the u.s.a
found out today from our adoption agency that we will be matched (find out who emma lael is) on the next shared list which will come out between may 21-24...garrett's graduation ceremonies are the entire weekend of may 21-23...what an exciting few days this will be garrett graduation & us finding out who are new daughter is...OMG what a memorable weekend that will be.
our documents were sent today by our agency to secretary of state to be certified...will be returned to agency on monday or tuesday of next week then they will be sent to chinese consulate in houston, tx to be authenticated.,..then dossier to china Yippee Yippee ;)


  1. Yeah Andrea!! I need you to get matched soon so we can travel together!!

  2. How exciting! I've been wondering if you had any news :)!

  3. Yippee is right...Congratulations!!!