Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is all about Jesus

charlesia a friend of ours made this adorable outfit for emma lael (if interested she sells many beautiful outfits contact me at if interested) i put her in front of the Christmas tree to take a picture to send to charlesia...she raised her hands up and said "Jesus LOVES me" that is what Christmas is all about Jesus LOVES all of us no matter what we've matter who we are...what you've done or haven't done...Jesus forgives ALL...i pray that each person who reads this knows how very much Jesus loves YOU!!! Christmas is different with emma lael...less santa more Jesus.... yes, santa is a part of Christmas...we've told her that it's Jesus birthday...we've said it so many times she now tells us it's Jesus birthday...maybe she doesn't get what Jesus is or what a birthday is but i know God is preparing her precious little heart for all He has in store for her wonderful life.
Merry Christmas

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