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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

natalie's fundraising

natalie has began her fund raising...here is what she has thus far....i have no doubt by the time we travel she will of raised $2,000.00.
1) car wash april 24, 2010.
2) she's sent out letters to friends & family asking for donations.
3) monies she earns from baby sitting, pet sitting & picking up neighbors mail & newspapers all will go toward her airline ticket to china.
4) she's going to sell t-shirts that say 147 million orphans pick me...these t-shirts are really cool...(she'll order them from two ladies who have made these t-shirts up for families fund raising for adoption).
5) she's asked permission to sell bake goods during lunch at her school and to have a jean day and pay $1.00 to wear jeans...haven't heard back from the principal on these request yet.

oh yeah, my mom is traveling with us...i can't tell you how perfect this will make the trip having her travel with us...she's the BEST grandma ever and this is something we want her to experience with us.


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