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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

rest in God

waiting is never an easy process....we begin to dream about our child and fall in love with a person, whom we have never met...i will say that with waiting God has done some amazing work in our lives...God has taught us how to submit to His will, how to trust in His perfect plan for our life, and how to reach for His word during the hills and the valleys...always remember that others are watching you wait and you want to WAIT well by shining a light for the glory of the Father...i (copied from 147 million orphans)

isaiah 40:31 teaches us that waiting on God is expecting, looking for, and hoping in Him...it is spending time with Him in His Word and in His presence...
* we do NOT worry while we wait on God
* we do NOT get frustrated while we wait on God (this is something i need to work on yikes)
* we do NOT get upset while we wait on God
* we R E S T!!!
waiting for me is painful...why because i'm a control freak... i want things my way...during the past several months i've come to learn more about me that need changed...to learn to wait on God is the biggest lesson i will hope to learn during these next several months...i've grown closer to God during these past months than ever before...why you might ask? i've had to put my stuff in his basket i know He has the best plan for my family and myself and the little girl He's chosen for us...so as we wait a bit longer...to be honest as i look back to october when we began this process and it is now april OMG time has flown by quickly...the kids, kent & i anxiously to see what God has planned next for us...as of today we should travel to china end of october early november.

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