Thursday, June 2, 2011

emma lael bday preparation

we are so HAPPY to be preparing for emma lael's fourth birthday party....she will have her party before her actual birthday (july 5th...she won't know the difference) she loves cars my sister in law who puts on the best birthday parties i've ever seen hooked me up with "peas and thank you" and amazing lady who designs and makes anything paper...she designed emma lael party day was wonderful always celebrating the children's birthdays thank you new day....i am so THANKFUL to be a part of emma lael's first birthday with her family...she continues to Awww us all....i know we all love our children and see the how awesome they are...i tell y'all she's AMAZING...really AMAZING ;0)
i wonder daily which one of her parents or possible both had the amazing personality...i bet they are both great people who did what they thought was the best for emma lael....she prays for everything and everyone...we were in the car the other day and she prayed for "mama ear" i have vertigo and she's been to the doctor's with me to get treatments...i tell her that "mama's ear is sick" out of the blue she prayed for my ear....i told you she was AMAZING!!!

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